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Welcome to, specialising in high quality, yet affordable, toolbar icons and ribbon bar icons.

Our professionally designed developers icons will greatly enhance the appearance of any application and are an essential element in the success of a product. They are a must for all developers who take pride in their applications. Remember first impressions count.

We currently offer 4 royalty free product sets.

Glyfz Universal Apps style

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Glyfz Office 2013 style

Introducing the our latest toolbar icons in Office 2013 style. Our Glyfz Office 2013 icons closely follow the design style introduced by Microsoft for use in their Office 2013 ribbon bars. The Glyfz Office 2013 icons provides your applications with the latest standards in interface graphics.

» Free upgrade to Office 2016 style

Although there doesn't appear to be any changes to the main icons in Office 2016, any that do change or are requested will be added free of charge. It's not yet been decided what to do about the white quick access bar icons, that depends on demand so any upgrade charges to those will be decided once more feedback is received.

Glyfz Office 2013 Ribbon Bar Icons

Office 2013 Icons

Glyfz Office 2007 / Office 2010 style

Our Office 2007/2010 ribbon bar icons closely follow the, still popular, design style introduced by Microsoft for use in their Office 2007 ribbon bars.

Glyfz Office 2007 Ribbon Bar Icons

Office 2007 Icons

Glyfz Office 2003 style

The Office 2003 style toolbar icons need no introduction having become the standard image style for Microsoft products until the Office 2007 ribbon bar icons style slowly took over. Even though the style has started to be phased out by Microsoft the Glyfz offering still has a place as, unlike the Microsoft toolbar icons, our icons have been created in three sizes, 16x26, 24x24 and 28x28.

Glyfz Office 2003 Toolbar Icons

Glyfz Office 2003 Toolbar Icons

Glyfz "Original" style

The "Original" Glyfz was our first set of toolbar icons and were designed to less cartoon like than XP icons. The toolbar icons were only created in BMP format as, at that time, no one could use alpha-blended toolbar icons. Despite this the set is still popular.

Glyfz "Original" Style Toolbar Glyphs

Glyfz "Original" Style Toolbar Glyphs


Download the Glyfz sampler
The sampler allows you to appreciate the quality of our toolbar icons and test them out in your applications.
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