All Styles Now Included In Bundles

10th August 2017

Good news, the Glyfz ribbon bar icons are now even more affordable. The bundle prices now include all three styles.

You're still welcome to purchase the available individual sets but now when you buy the Glyfz Super Bundle single user, site or enterprise license for the same price as the old single Office 2016/Universal bundle you receive everything. That's all Glyfz Office 2010, Glyfz Office 2016 and Glyfz Universal ribbon bar icons including the vectors and resources.

That also includes the re-worked Windows 10 scale factor Glyfz Office 2016 icons.Of course the to be re-released scale factor sets.

That's well over 250,000 pngs

Note that the Glyfz Office 2010 weren't created in Illustrator so vector masters aren't available for those.