Affinity Designer Resources By VectorVonDoom

Affinity Designer Resources

Welcome fellow Afffinty Designer users. I go by the name VectorVonDoom on the Affinity forums. I hate thinking up user names and that's the best I could come up with! You can view some of my work and doodlings on there.

Generally resources for vector applications are more scarce than for raster apps and Affinity Designer resources are no exception. So I'm trying to help with that by releasing Affinity Designer resource packs, gradients, swatches, styles, backgrounds and anything else I think might make our lives easier.

As it happens text styles work in all Affinity applications.

As they occur to me I'm also be adding Affinity Designer tips and tricks, hopefully you'll find something in there that you didn't already know.

Order Processing

Download details are emailed to you once I receive notification from PayPal. If they haven't arrived then first check you spam/junk folder and if it's not there just let me know. They do sometimes get "lost" due to the links depending on you email service.