Project DFD

This section is for my new icon project, Project DFD or die flat die.

The vast majority of people who express an opinion on the flat design fad dislike it and all research says it's poor for usability and therefore for productivity, yet it's still foisted on us. Mobile first, easy to create but rubbish everywhere. Companies are more and more pushing what they want than listening to what customers want or perhaps worse, they pretend to listen then completely ignore them.

The tried and tested practices for UI's and icons have gone out of the window. Now people complain about not knowing what is a button and what is a label, or which window is the active one. They complain about the dire state of icon design where they've completely forgotten that people use colour as well as shape and even shapes have been dumbed down so much you sometimes have to guess what it is. In the case of icons it's partly because everyone thinks that they're a designer these days and they have to be very simple so that anyone can create them.

If you look on sites like Behance and Dribble, where designers share their work, you'll see that whenever a skeuomorphic design is shown (well, a well executed one) the comments are all positive, like they've caught up with an old friend. They love and miss the style yet the majority don't use it.

It is very slowly changing but not fast enough and not drastically enough. Adding a bit of shadow and transparency or gradient and giving it a fancy name doesn't actually fix anything.

So this is my little project for icons that aren't flat, spindly and lifeless but clean, colourful and stylish. Basically like icons used to be before someone decided to dumb them down. If I was just planning to stick to PNG's then it would be "easy" but I need to create SVG's too which makes it more tricky.

Which App To Use

I've been trying out all the vector apps trying to decide which one to use for the project. I still don't know. Here are my ramblings on that.